Berlitz Communicate & Connect English

Experience the world through personal communication and one-on-one connections using Communicate & Connect English. This program makes use of multimedia technology, so learning English is easy and enjoyable. Multiple learning methods combined with accelerated skill-building techniques are used for an effective and rewarding language-lesson package.
High-tech voice recognition helps guide pronunciation, while voice-mapping technology shows side-by-side images of your voice and a native speaker’s. A headset microphone is included to make the most of these functions. Interactive conversations and role-play videos immerse you in the language and its usage. Culture tips are also provided to prepare you for real-world interactions.



Berlitz_LACDMY.part1.rar (98 MB)
Berlitz_LACDMY.part2.rar (98 MB)
Berlitz_LACDMY.part3.rar (98 MB)
Berlitz_LACDMY.part4.rar (98 MB)
Berlitz_LACDMY.part5.rar (66.84 MB)
Berlitz_2_LACDMY.part1.rar (98 MB)
Berlitz_2_LACDMY.part2.rar (98 MB)
Berlitz_2_LACDMY.part3.rar (98 MB)
Berlitz_2_LACDMY.part4.rar (98 MB)
Berlitz_2_LACDMY.part5.rar (25.55 MB)

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