Business Words You Should Know – H. Dean McKay, P.T. Shank

H. Dean McKay, P.T. Shank
Publisher: Adams Media | 256 Pages | PDF | 1.3 MB

Do you know what Accounting Noise is? How about Illiquid? Bricks and Clicks? Any idea what GAAP, LBO, RFP, or SOW stand for? Let’s face it: You can’t survive the corporate jungle today unless you speak the language. It’s time to learn!

With this easy to use, easy to understand guide, you will:

Learn business vocabulary and how to use it confidently
Be able to reference key terms from all areas of business
Locate more than 1,000 clear definitions
Set up in dictionary style, Business Words You Should Know features not only definitions, but also offers sample sentences and similar terms for each entry, as well as lists of acronyms and common business concepts. Whether you’re looking for a job or are already right in the thick of today’s challenging business environment, you’ll speak the language of the pros in no time!
Business Words

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